About Us

Meditek Equipment Sdn. Bhd, incorporated in 1977, is a fully owned local company with total equity held by Bumiputra interests. It is headed by Dato’ Dr. Amir Abbas, a distinguished physician with widespread industry networks and contacts.

Whilst Meditek’s primary focus is in the procurement and installation of medical equipment, it plays a diversity of roles in the healthcare industry including project scoping, project management and overview.

Meditek’s expertise includes:

  • Hospital management
  • Medical planning
  • Equipment planning for hospitals, laboratories, and educational facilities
  • Planning and implementation of healthcare facilities
  • Consultancy services

Meditek firmly believes in “healthcare for everyone”, and that competent, affordable healthcare is the right of all. It is this underlying philosophy that has driven Meditek’s activities since its inception.

This was demonstrated when Meditek pioneered the introduction of the automated blood chemistry machine to the Malaysian private sector in the late 1970s, ushering in a lasting change in the ease, availability, and cost of blood chemistry analysis for healthcare investigative procedures.

Since then, Meditek has been a mainstay in the biomedical equipment market, and has been an active supplier of a wide array of such items, from basic medical supplies, to precision laboratory analysers, and to cutting edge medical imaging equipment.

Meditek is also experienced in the development of healthcare facilities in Malaysia. This passion for concept, design, planning, and implementation of healthcare projects stemmed from its Managing Director, Dato’ Dr. Amir Abbas, who had served as the Foundation Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. In the early 1980s, Meditek participated in the planning and development of Subang Jaya Medical Centre, taking on its role as Medical Planner, Equipment Planner, and Manpower Development Planner. Since then, it has participated in several development projects for the Malaysian government.


  • 1970s

Meditek Equipment Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 18th November 1977.

In the 1970s, Meditek was the pioneer to introduce the automated blood chemistry machine to the private sector. The introduction of Hycel computerized auto analyzer resulted in the cost reduction of blood tests conducted from RM15.00 to RM5.00. Since then, Meditek has been a supplier of medical and laboratory equipment to various government hospitals and universities throughout the country.

Selangor Medical Centre, located in Shah Alam is owned by KOSAS and Perangsang. The original proposal to have a hospital in Shah Alam was forwarded by our Managing Director, Dato’ Dr. Amir Abbas in 1972. Meditek was involved in the project for the first three years. In 1977, a piece of land was located as a site for the hospital.

  • 1980s

In 1982, Meditek Equipment Sdn. Bhd. provided the conceptual aspects of the development of the Subang Jaya Medical Centre as the first fully dedicated hospital building, the first private open heart surgery center in the country. SJMC is the first hospital that is completely computerized in terms of the financial, accounting and administrative aspects of the hospital.

Meditek’s duties included the coordination of the total development of this hospital. This involved:

  • The appointment of manpower (professional, semi-professional and non-professional staff) requirement,
  • Equipment development for a full-scale general hospital including facilities for open heart surgery,
  • Commissioning the whole hospital, and to engage the management team that – up to today – is still serving within the hospital.
  • Instituting the rules and regulations necessary to preserve the relationship between the owners, the hospital and the non-equity holding specialists.

Meditek also contributed to the management team for Subang Jaya Medical Center for the first two years of its existence to ensure the smooth running of the whole hospital.

  • 1990s

In 1998, Meditek Equipment Sdn. Bhd. was appointed the consultant medical equipment planner and hospital planner for both Kepala Batas Hospital and Pekan Hospital. The sizes of these two hospitals are 108 beds each. Kepala Batas Hospital was successfully handed over in December 2002, and Pekan Hospital in 2007.

  • 2000s

In the year 2002, Meditek was appointed the consultant medical equipment planner for Gua Musang Hospital. The proposal for equipment to Gua Musang Hospital has been accepted.

In 2004, the Ministry of Health awarded Meditek a request to prepare a proposal on the disposal of medical devices. The paper, titled Guidance Notes for Disposal of Medical Devices, was completed in December 2004.

In 2008, Meditek was the consultant medical equipment planner for the Alor Gajah Hospital project. Meditek’s involvement in the project began in the year 2007, when it produced the medical equipment proposal for the hospital. Work on the hospital officially commenced in September 2008. The hospital was officially handed over in December 2012.

Meditek was awarded the tender for the study on biometrics technology and its applications in healthcare for the MOH’s Medical Device Bureau. This study was carried out in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). In December 2008, The Application of Biometrics Technology in the Healthcare Institution was completed and submitted to the Bureau.

In the same year, Meditek was appointed as Financial Consultant in the proposal A Project to Design, Develop, Implement, Train, Commission and Transfer of Medical Devices Regulatory Programme for the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Meditek was one of three local consultants among the entire consultant team. After more than a year, during which Meditek participated in official meetings with the related Ministries and standards departments, the final proposal was submitted to the Medical Device Bureau of the Ministry of Health.